Garden & Gun

We're pretty excited...

Why, you ask?

Our first ever Garden & Gun ad has just come out! The newest issue of this fabulous magazine (all about the best food/art/interiors/music/sport/travel the South has to offer) is a GREAT one.

We're excited to be in the pages of this publication amongst some of the South's hottest!

Garden & Gun

Take a minute to flip through and please come back and let us know what you think of our ad (which is on page 68!) And for more photos from the interior featured in the ad (designed by Elizabeth Gullett), go to this page of our website!

SummerHouse's Ad in Garden & Gun

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Our New Website

Have you seen our beautiful new website?! Lisa's son Brian does all of our gorgeous visuals. All of our pretty ads, graphics, and WEBSITE are his magnificent handiwork! Our new website, which launched just a couple of days ago, is so easy (and FUN) to navitage. Here's a quick little overview!

The new homepage scrolls through several beautiful pictures of the store. Not that our old website was bad (at all!) but this is just plan fabulous!

The "Shop" tab will eventually be an e-commerce page, but for now, it's a "Coming Soon" page! "The Store" tab allows you to see some AMAZING photos of our showroom, done by the oh-so-talented photographer Rachel Kabukala!

Next is our "Events" tab. This will keep you all up to date about special sales, events, and other fun store happenings! Definitely a page you'll want to keep your eye on ;)

Now for one of our favorite tabs.... "Press!"  This is a quick look at the magazines we've been published in. Fun stuff!

"Interior Design" is the next tab! This is a showcase of some of our projects. We've done tons and tons, but these are the ones we just have good pictures of! We could spend all day looking at these pictures... :)

The "Bridal Registry" takes you to our Invest in your Nest page, and the "Blog" tab takes you, well, HERE! (You are on our blog right now, FYI) :) Lastly is the contact page. This shows you a map of where we're located as well as a contact form if you need to get in touch with us!

So how do you like the new site? We're completely in love with it, and will be for some time to come!