We Were Fooled!

Check out this beautiful plant:

Isn't it pretty? We think so too! The best part? It's maintenance free! Why? Because it's not real! I know what you're thinking.... "But it looks so real!" That's exactly what we thought too, and that is why we carry them! None of us are fans of faux plants at all, but when Lisa saw this particular line, she thought they were the real deal. Look at all these other great real-looking fauxs!

A little burst of that natural green really just brightens up a space. If any of you are like some of us, we can't keep a house plant alive to save our lives.... (For the record, that statement does not apply to Melanie, our in-house flower goddess! She's got the green thumb that others of us lack...) Instead of spending money on something that could die, spend money on something that will live forever! (Or at least look like it's living :))


[caption id="attachment_2957" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="See? This little plant made this side table brighter and more interesting! "][/caption]