Meet Our Fabric Librarian, Jaclyn!

This is Jaclyn Petty! Meet one of the newest members of our ever-growing SummerHouse family!

Jaclyn Petty, our outstanding part-time Fabric Librarian, answers a few questions for us so we can get to know her just a little better!

Q: In a nutshell, tell us what you do up here at SummerHouse!
A: I am the Fabric Organizer/Librarian! In a nutshell, I maintain the fabric library by organizing samples and reference materials, adding new information as needed, and deleting dated info.

Q: Where did you to go college and what did you major in?
A: I graduated from Mississippi State University in May 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

Q: What's your favorite spring trend this year?
A: All the new spring colors and patterns. Bright florals and polka dots are so adorable.

Q: What's your favorite movie these days?
A: Oooh My favorite recent movie would have to be Life of Pi. It was such a great book and the movie was just unforgettable. The 227 days at sea are a test of physique, mental adaptation and faith, and Suraj Sharma makes Pi's spiritual journey as convincing as his nautical one. So beautiful!

[caption id="attachment_2214" align="alignleft" width="350"]A sample of Jac's mad organization skills! A sample of Jac's mad organization skills![/caption]

Q: If you could choose one artist to listen to 24/7, who would it be?
A: Beyonce, of course

Q: What's your favorite way to enjoy caffeine?
A: Coffee! Isn't that the only way?

Q: Got any fun trips planned for the summer?
A: I actually recently bought Beyonce tickets for her concert in July. You have no idea how excited I am!

Q: What else do we need to know about you?! Spill it!!
A: I love painting in my spare time. Abstract landscapes is one of my favorite things to paint!

Thank you, Jaclyn, for coming in every day and tackling the sometimes-daunting (actually, often-daunting!) resource library with a smile on your face! We love having you up here!

Impeccable Organization

We wanted to take a minute and brag on Chelsea and her organizational skills! She's got our fabric library looking better than ever! We all envy her knack for folding those fabrics so perfectly and organizing them so beautifully...

As you could probably guess, keeping the fabric library organized is a full-time job... We're all ALWAYS picking through these fabrics looking for just the right thing. Take a look and this organization despite all the picking and pulling!

[{ thanks for all your do chelsea! }]

Lisa's Office: Before and After!

We had a pretty exciting transformation at SummerHouse recently! The "before and after" took place in the office of our leader and head designer Lisa Palmer! As you can see in the "before" picture, her office is brimming with creative ideas, magazine clippings, and bits of many different projects. Loaded with cool stuff, yes. But organized? Not quite...

After some new wallpaper, some hard work, and a little organizing and rearranging, Lisa has herself a brand new office! It almost doesn't even look like the same space! Take a look...

Looks great, doesn't it?!

So, remember the cute puppy from the last post? His name is Ringo and he's the newest addition to one of our own's families! He came up for a visit and was there just in time to hop into a picture with Lisa during the informal photo shoot we had going on! Here are Ringo and Lisa just having a good ole time! :)

What's your favorite part about Lisa's new office?