Little Teaser

We've got a little treat for you today! Here is a peek at a house that is still underway, but nearing completion. Lisa and Elish have been working on this project for months now, and seeing the finish product always makes the hard work so worth while!


Is this not one of the most fabulous kitchens you've ever seen?! We are all flipping out over how beautiful this room is!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the whole house once it's complete!!

The Beauty of Black and White

Black and white is quite possibly the most timeless color combo of all time. In middle school art class, many of us learned that black is the absence of all color, and white is the presence of all color. They always say "opposites attract," so that must be why this combination has so perfectly stood the test of time! Here are some rooms featuring the two tones that we find so captivating... Take a peek.