What's New { Part Two }

Happy Monday!
We hope y'all had a stellar weekend!

To brighten your day a little bit, we'll go ahead and show you Part Two of our most recent showroom update! (In case you missed Part One on Friday, take a peek real quick!)

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MSSummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

Don't forget that the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Special Order Event is going on right now, and to go alongside that, Lisa has marked down a lot of what is on the showroom floor! So come see us, sooner rather than later (before the sale is over!)

DL & Company + Modern Alchemy Candles

We've got some fine new candles at the shop that we are just totally in love with!

DL & Company and their sister company Modern Alchemy are purveyors of some extremely good smelling and gorgeous candles (and they're very different from your run-of-the-mill candle scents!)

DL & Company / Modern Alchemy Candles | SummerHouse

Not only does this compnay have great looking/smelling candles, but they also have some super cool matches! We love these skull boxed matches...

Skull Matches | SummerHouse, Ridgeland MS

How beautiful are these white and gold containers?! Once you're finished with the candles, you're left with a beautiful vase to keep your favorite pens all in one spot or a gorgeous flower holder!

DL & Company Candles | SummerHouse, Ridgeland, MS

These colorful gift sets are also pretty fab. Each set comes with four smaller candles, all of which are different scents, and all of which smell deeee-vine!

Modern Alchemy Candles | SummerHouse, Ridgeland, MS

Come in when you have a chance and smell for yourself how fabulous these all are!
We'll be on the lookout for ya!

Brand New Beauties

Late last week, we brought over some brand new beauties to the showroom floor.
Upholstery, case pieces, books, accessories... The works!

Have a look at some of our new favorites. There are some very cool new items that we know you'll love!

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MSSummerHouse | Ridgeland, MSSummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MSSummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

Yes, that is a HIDE tray! How fab?!

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

What items do you most love?

Garden & Gun

We're pretty excited...

Why, you ask?

Our first ever Garden & Gun ad has just come out! The newest issue of this fabulous magazine (all about the best food/art/interiors/music/sport/travel the South has to offer) is a GREAT one.

We're excited to be in the pages of this publication amongst some of the South's hottest!

Garden & Gun

Take a minute to flip through and please come back and let us know what you think of our ad (which is on page 68!) And for more photos from the interior featured in the ad (designed by Elizabeth Gullett), go to this page of our website!

SummerHouse's Ad in Garden & Gun

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Pink Bedroom Perfection

Our new Designers Guild bedding is here!

We are all crazy about how pretty this perfectly pink bed is! The floral pillows are causing everyone to take a second look at this beautiful grouping! And it's easy to see why...

Pink Bedroom Perfection | SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
Pink Bedroom Perfection | SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
Pink Bedroom Perfection | SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS
Pink Bedroom Perfection | SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

We're so in love! Hurry up, Spring!
Do you like this pretty pink as much as we do?

Gorgeous Greens

{  s h a d e s   o f   g r e e n  }

With St. Paddy's day only a couple of days away, we thought it would be a great time to celebrate one of nature's favorite hues: GREEN! From mint to emerald, sage to moss, and everything in between, the many shades of green always seem to be beautifully calming.

Here are a few green beauties we currently have in the showroom!

[caption id="attachment_1795" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Gorgeous Greens: Lauren Barksdale painting Lauren Barksdale painting[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1796" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Gorgeous Greens: Glass beads Glass Beads[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1794" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Gorgeous Greens: Pillows and throw Pillows and throw[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1792" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Gorgeous Greens: Succulents Succulents[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1791" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Gorgeous Greens: Mint Green Tribal Frame Mint Green Tribal Frame[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1790" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Gorgeous Greens: Cattail Balls Cattail Balls[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1793" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Gorgeous Greens: Stones on pedestals Stones on Pedestals[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1797" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Gorgeous Greens: Small Lauren Barksdale Paintings Small Lauren Barksdale Paintings[/caption]

What's your favorite shade of green?

Spring Break Showroom Update!

Happy Spring Break to all of you who are getting to enjoy it!

With warmer weather on the brink, and lighter+brighter interiors on our minds, we've given the showroom a little springy boost with lots of pretty new furnishings!

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

[caption id="attachment_1758" align="aligncenter" width="550"]SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS Fierce![/caption]

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

[caption id="attachment_1764" align="aligncenter" width="550"]SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS Which way to the beach??[/caption]

Have a great Monday and be sure to check back later this week as we give you a preview of a REALLY great project two of our designers just completed!

Portico Ad Photo Shoot Outtakes!

We had such a blast this morning at a little photo shoot for a joint Portico Jackson Magazine ad coming out in the next issue!

We're teaming up with Hemline Ridgeland, View Gallery, and Arco Avenue on a collaborative ad about style of all mediums at The Township!

photo shoot fun!

The great art is a Paul Edelstein painting from View Gallery, the clothes are from Hemline, all the killer shoes and bags are from Arco, and the furniture is, of course, SummerHouse! Here are a few outtakes from the shoot. Stay tuned for the full ad once we have the winning photo selected and all "prettied up!" :)

photo shoot fun! photo shoot fun!
photo shoot fun!photo shoot fun!


photo shoot fun!


photo shoot fun!

photo shoot fun!

photo shoot fun!

photo shoot fun!

photo shoot fun!photo shoot fun!

Meet Yancy

[caption id="attachment_1646" align="alignright" width="230"]Yancy Love Meet Yancy Love![/caption]


Yancy is a new addition to the SummerHouse family! Next time you're here, or next time you call, Yancy is likely the one you'll encounter. She's our new receptionist since Patricia is now Elizabeth's new assistant! Yancy is doing AWESOME and we're all so glad she's here!

Here are a few quick "get to know you's" we asked her...

1. In just a few sentences, tell us about yourself! Where you're from, where you went to school, your major, your family...
I was born and raised here in Jackson and have 3 brothers, Sam, John, and Luke. I graduated from Ole Miss in Dietetics and Nutrition.

2. What is the best movie you've seen lately?
Argo. Ben Affeck is a hunk!

3. What's your favorite way to spend a nice weekend?
I like to just relax and hang out with friends... and what not.

4. What's your most favorite local restaurant?
Aladdin on Lakeland

5. What band/bands are you really diggin right now?
The Lumineers- they rocked it at The Grammys

6. What is your dream vacation destination?
Bora Bora- and I would want a lot of fun activities to do while I'm there.

7. What's your favorite piece on the SummerHouse showroom floor right now?
The new Hickory Chair cocktail ottoman

8. Ok... Lightening round... Pick your fave from each pairing...
a. Skittles or MnMs? Skittles
b. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
c. Books or Magazines? Magazines
d. Black coffee or fancy coffee? Black coffee
e. Beach or mountains? BEACH
f. Burger or pizza? Burger or Pizza.... too hard!

Thanks Yancy! Burgers and Pizza really is too hard of a choice... Totally agree! ;)

Be sure to tell Yancy hello next time you're here! She's a cutie!

Outdoor Oasis Sneek Peek

Last week, designer Todd Prince completed a beautiful outdoor installation that has given all of us a serious case of spring fever! This is just a peek at the space, brimming with fantastic pieces.

The LEE Industries outdoor furniture is accented by custom iron side tables and custom drapery panels and hardware.And the Holly Hunt fabric used for the drapery is the perfect sheer for a restful outdoor space.

The fire screen, made by the same local craftsman who made the drapery hardware and tables, really makes this covered area special. And the LEE lounge chairs are too pretty for words!
It's the time of year to start thinking about getting your own outdoor space spruced up for the warmer weather that's just around the corner! Stay tuned for more pictures from this outdoor oasis, coming in the next few weeks, for inspiration!