Bambu Aromatiques

Bambu Aromatiques, a new bamboo candle line we now carry at SummerHouse, is worth taking a close look at! These hand crafted, eco friendly candles come with quite a story! On top of these candles looking pretty and smelling amazing, there is even more reason to take one home with you...

Here's what Bambu Aromatiques has to say about different aspects of their product:

THE CONTAINER..."We utilize heavy-walled moso species bamboo for all of our candles. Each section of bamboo is hand selected, hand finished, and entirely unique giving you a one-of-a-kind reusable container."

THE WAX... "We utilize the finest 100% domestically-grown soybean wax available. This wax exhibits superior burn characteristics and scent throw. Unlike petroleum based waxes, the low temperature melt point prevents scalding and provides a cleaner burning, non-toxic combustion."

THE WICK...  "Utilizing an all cotton braided wick provides a more complete combustion, producing less carbon buildup and less smoke."

THE FRAGRANCES... "All frangrances are made with the finest oils and extracts from award-winning botanicals. We provide the maximum amount of fragrance in each candle to ensure an exceptional value."

We are in love with these candles and know you will be too! Come see for yourself how unique, beautiful, and great smelling they are!!