Thank You, Mottega!

{ we are having the best friday ever! }

Not only is the weather gorgeous (for now), and our NOLA Rug Show going beautifully (more on that later today), but Mottega featured us on their blog! Mottega is a unique designer lamp company that actually allows you to design your very own lamp, from shape to color to base to shade... Each product they ship truly is one of a kind! And each product is truly stunning...

They did a designer spotlight with the one and only Lisa Palmer, which was such a fun interview to read!

Take a peek! :)

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Hilary @ Mottega

Hilary @ Mottega said:

Nothing like gorgeous weather to make everything else seem even better!! Happy that we could add to your fabulous day!


SummerHouse said:

Y’all are the best, Mottega!

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