Rug Show Starts TOMORROW!

{ the time has finally arrived! }

Our NOLA Rugs show starts TOMORROW (Thursday, March 1) and goes for the next four days (until Sunday, March 4.)  We are so excited to show you the beautiful rugs that our friends from NOLA brought up to Ridgeland for you to see. We're also eager to share the rug knowledge we gleaned on our weekend trip to the Big Easy!

Rugs similar to this, plus many other types, will be available for approval delivery throughout the entire show! Even if you're not in the market for a new rug, we hope you'll at least come share a glass of wine with us tomorrow night and put your eyes on these global gems! They're worth at least looking at! (No harm in looking, right?! :))

{ show details }

See you tomorrow, or sometime over the weekend!

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