Showroom Redo PART ONE

Marty and team revamped the showroom last week and we've been dying to show you photos!! Sorry it's taken us a couple of days to get these up!  Take not of all the fabulous rug benches, new upholstery, new art, new pillows... Pretty much new EVERYTHING! We've got so many beautiful photos to show you that we're breaking them into two posts. Here is PART ONE... :)

Showroom Redo PART TWO coming soon!

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janice meier

janice meier said:

May I get a price on the owl pics?


SummerHouse said:

We’re working on that Janice! We are wishing for that too! ;)

janice meier

janice meier said:

My SANTA wish is for Summerhouse to get the shop icon working in the near future.

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