Brittany Ivy, one of our very own, has recently gotten engaged!! Yay for Brittany and Adam! We are so happy for them and wish them the very best! Look at her; She is just BEAMING! :)

Speaking of engagement.... Don't forget that SummerHouse has a bridal registry! Invest in your Nest is the easiest, most unique bridal registry in town. No picking out six of these, a dozen of those, two of whatever those  are over there... All you do is register in our easy online registry! When people want to Invest in your Nest, they are putting money into your "nest egg." So it's easy for the giver, too! You can find all the details on our webpage about the registry :)

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Doris Earnest

Doris Earnest said:

Yes Brittany ,you do have that love glow and it looks good on you. We are so happy for you and we already love Adam and welcome him into our family.

Rachel Kabukala

Rachel Kabukala said:

Brittany, CONGRATULATIONS! What exciting news :)

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