Formal Living at its Finest

Last week, the SummerHouse team worked feverishly to get one of our wonderful clients' homes ready for a huge event: a wedding! (That's a pretty big event, don't you agree?!) The whole house was looking fabulous, but not every room had all the finishing touches on it like this room did. It was looking BEAUTIFUL when we left... Can't wait to get a professional over there to get some really great shots!

The best part about this room is that, yes, it is formal, but it is also comfortable and inviting! There is nothing that looks like it's going to break if you sit on it. Everything is just as inviting as it is beautiful.

Lisa is working so hard while Elish is petting the concrete animals... Y'all are such a great team! The room looks gorgeous... A "livable" Formal Living Room has been achieved!

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