SummerHouse Loves Lonny

The new Lonny Magazine is live! We are so excited, as we are every time a new issue surfaces! :)  The only complaint we have about this issue is that it ended TOO SOON! Just as we were getting all of these amazing ideas, the click of the mouse took us no further... Oh well, thankfully it is Friday!

Here are a few snippets that particularly captured our attention...

1.  The Mottega feature. This line of lamps is brand new and we are the exclusive dealer for the area! We have lots in stock that you MUST see in person! Mottega makes a fine lamp...

2. Befores and Afters.  Yall know we love a good before and after.  This issue has several before-good-accessorizing/after-good-accessorizing projects! 

3.  Friendly Fashion. The beautiful Stella McCartney shines as an eco-friendly and PETA-friendly designer.  Her shop, in addition to her clothing, is absolutely gorgeous!

4. Blending Old and New.  In the South, we know all about the value of an antique or family heirloom.  Incorporating them into a more updated interior can sometimes be tricky.  We love how this designer blended old with new!

5.  Unconventional use of wallpaper.  We are SO glad that wallpaper has made such a strong comeback! The ways these wallpapers were used (run horizontally instead of vertically, and used only on the ceiling) are very inspiring!

6. Flatscreen Creativity. This flatscreen TV is positioned amongst art to look like it really has a purpose! We love the idea of placing a sleek television in the midst of sleek art.  Brilliant!

7.  The Serenity of White. Question:  What is SummerHouse's favorite color? Answer: White!! It ALWAYS looks good.  We will admit it is not always functional, but it sure is beautiful.  Case in point, right here:

8. SHOES and a cute puppy!  Enough said. Happy weekend!

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